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About Bonfire Vans

We are a family business based in southern and west France. A British Dad, Dutch mother and 3 children born and raised in France. From May every year we open our 4 agencies run by similar minded friends situated in fantastic locations and perfect places for you to start your campervan adventures from.

Our campervans are our very own creation from starting our lives together. When we first met, Simone and I turned our minibus into the perfect campervan for our surf trips and travelled all over the west coast of Europe, we fell in love with so many places and found the VW van just the best all round vehicle for the job.

Now we have made what we consider a pro version design specifically for Bonfire Vans our minibus conversion to campervan includes an amazing rear kitchen pod, fold out double bed, refrigerator, storage and all the camping gear you need for your trip.

Rent your vehicle from one of our 4 locations in the south of France and we will ensure your holidays get off to the best possible start.

Avignon Region

Campervan hire south of France - Avignon
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The French Riviera, Provence is pure road-trip heaven. Lavender fields and rolling hills all the way to the coast. Visit Avignon, St Tropez, Nice or head to Italy. Rent your campervan from our Provence agency in Eygalières to start your south coast adventure.

Biarritz Region

Campervan hire Biarritz
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Welcome to the surfing capital of France, rent one of our minibuses or campervans from our agency in Hossegor or book a Biarritz airport pick up. Check out miles and miles of sandy beaches all the way to Portugal - if you’re feeling adventurous.

Bordeaux Region

Campervan hire Bordeaux
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Known for it's fine wines and spectacular beaches Bordeaux is the perfect location to start your European road trip. Hire a campervan from Mérignac airport or Frontenac. Head inland to Bergerac or explore the coast and the cultural city of La Rochelle.

Annecy Region

Campervan hire in Annecy
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Annecy is our Alpine adventure playground. The town and lake itself are stunning but there is so much to see. Head into the hills and discover mountain ranges and lakes in France, Italy and Switzerland. Rent your campervan from our Alps base. Get out there!

Marseille Region

Campervan hire in Marseille
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We offer Campervan hire from Marseille Provence airport 27 KM northwest of the city so you can head straight off along the south coast of France or into Marseille, the third largest city in France. Campervan rental from our Marseille base in the south of France.

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