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Terms and Conditions

By using our vehicle hire service and signing our rental agreement, the customer hereby agrees to the Bonfire Vans Terms and Conditions of Vehicle Hire below.

Bonfire Vans (trading name of) SARL Mountain Rescue, 5 Le Croix Bozon, Peisey-Nancroix, 73210 Siren 798 574 877 – TVA number: FR19798574877.

Definitions of the Contract

“The Hire Contract”: the agreement to the Terms and Conditions of vehicle hire.

“The Hirer”: the individual, company or body agreeing to the Terms and Conditions of vehicle hire.

“The Vehicle”: the campervan specified in the Terms and Conditions of vehicle hire.

“The Company” Bonfire Vans, SARL Mountain Rescue, 5 Le Croix Bozon, Peisey-Nancroix, 73210. Where applicable, this also includes any partners, employees, suppliers or sub-contractors acting on behalf of the Company.

The Hire Contract and Terms and Conditions are subject to French Law. Therefore, all disputes and claims are subject to the jurisdiction of the French courts. As such, all communications with the courts must be addressed accordingly in the French language.

When the Hirer completes a booking and receives confirmation from the company, the Hirer has agreed to the Terms and Conditions of vehicle hire defined below.

Bonfire Vans, SARL Mountain Rescue, 5 Le Croix Bozon, Peisey-Nancroix, 73210 reserves the right to change the content of the Terms and Conditions with immediate effect.

Paperwork Required


A valid passport must be presented on collection for each person travelling in the Vehicle.

Photocopies, faxes and scans of passports cannot be accepted by the Company.

Proof of address:

The hirer must be able to provide proof of address by way of a utility bill that is no more than 3 months old.

Photocopies, faxes and scans of these documents cannot be accepted by the Company.

Driver’s licence(s)

  • For insurance reasons, all drivers must be 23 years of age or over and have held a full licence for a minimum of three years before the hire period begins.
  • The Vehicle may only be driven by drivers who are able to produce a driver’s licence that is valid for the entire hire period and attend the vehicle handover in person.
  • UK licence holders must provide both parts of their driving licence: the photocard licence and the counterpart.
  • Original documents mast be presented at the handover of the vehicle. Photocopies, faxes and scans of licences cannot be accepted by the Company.

Endorsements (Points) on Licence

  • The Company must be notified of any endorsements on the licence(s) at the time of booking.
  • Licences with endorsements will be considered by the Company on a case-by-case basis.

Additional Drivers

Additional drivers may be added for a fee of €25 for the hire period provided, they meet the above criteria and conditions.

Failure to Produce Valid Documents

Failure to produce the required documents listed above contravenes the Hire Contract and the Terms and Conditions. If an additional driver is unable to produce the required paperwork, he or she will not be allowed to drive the Vehicle. If the Hirer is unable to produce the required paperwork, the Hire Contract will be cancelled immediately and no refund will be provided. If anyone who is not included on the Hire Contract drives the Vehicle, he or she is not insured, and is therefore driving illegally.

Vehicle Contents

Vehicle Hire is inclusive of all contents and equipment defined in the Vehicle inventory. This is to be agreed by both parties and signed for at the point of departure and on return. This includes any extra items that may have been hired.

Any damaged, broken or missing items must be reported and paid for.

Quilts and pillows are only provided when bed linen is hired.

The Vehicle is supplied with two gas canisters for the two burners. Refill costs during the hire period must be covered by the Hirer.

Vehicle Usage

By signing the Terms and Conditions, the Hirer has agreed that the use of the Vehicle is restricted to the Hirer, who MUST NOT, under any circumstances:

  • Use or allow the Vehicle to be used for illegal purposes, including races or contests of any description.
  • Use or allow the Vehicle to be used on anything other than a surfaced private road, public highway or driveway.
  • Use or allow the Vehicle to be used for the purpose of towing a vehicle or trailer of any kind.
  • Sublet or lease the Vehicle to any other party.
  • Drive the Vehicle in an irresponsible way. Any damage deemed to be have been caused by misuse or careless driving will be charged to the Hirer accordingly.
  • Transport more passengers in the Vehicle than are listed in the Contract.
  • Overload the Vehicle by exceeding the stipulated axel weights.
  • Drive the Vehicle while under the influence of drugs or alcohol.
  • Carry passengers or goods in the Vehicle or hire the Vehicle for any kind of reward.
  • Use the Vehicle if it is damaged and unsafe to do so.
  • Operate or allow the Vehicle to be used in breach of any legislation, regulations, rules or laws relating to road traffic and Vehicle use.
  • Smoke inside the Vehicle. Smoking is prohibited at all times.
  • Allow an animal to enter the Vehicle at any time.
  • Change the appearance of the Vehicle in any capacity, either the interior or exterior. Any intended usage for the purpose of advertising must be submitted to the Company prior to booking. No changes are permitted to take place without the express permission of the Company. If an agreement relating to the exterior of the Vehicle is agreed, the Hirer will be subject to an additional deposit charge of €500.
  • Hire the Vehicle for advertising use without the express permission of the company. Any request must be put down in writing and approved by the company, and any images used must be approved before publishing.

The Hirer MUST:

  • Maintain the Vehicle’s oil and fluid levels to the specifications stipulated in the Vehicle information sheet.
  • Ensure that the Vehicle’s tyres are maintained to the recommended pressure levels.
  • Keep the keys to the Vehicle in his or her personal possession at all times and be able to produce them if the Vehicle is stolen.
  • Ensure that all passengers in the Vehicle are seated in the seats designated, are wearing the seatbelts provided and are complying with French laws that apply to children’s seats when the Vehicle is in motion.
  • Only passengers listed in the Hire Contract are permitted to travel in the Vehicle.
  • Ensure that the gas is turned off, and all internal and external doors and side windows are closed and properly secured when the Vehicle is in motion.

Driving Zone

The Vehicle is only permitted to travel within the European Union and Switzerland.

ANY charges involved in recovering the Vehicle from a country beyond the permitted regions will be charged in full to the Hirer.

Insurance Cover


The included insurance excess is set at €2,500, and the Hirer will be liable if any damage or loss to the Vehicle occurs.

The Hirer may employ the following options:

Chancer Insurance – By a raise of the daily rate (according to the Company Insurance packages) the Hirer reduces the security deposit to 750.00 euros (This option includes 24/7Roadside assistance, Windscreen Insurance, Tier Insurance and multi driver Insurance.)

Traveller Insurance – By a raise of the daily rate (according to the Company Insurance packages) the Hirer receives Unlimited KM euros but no reduction on the security deposit (This option includes 24/7 Roadside assistance, Windscreen Insurance, Tier Insurance and multi driver Insurance.)

Explorer Insurance – By a raise of the daily rate (according to the Company Insurance packages) the Hirer reduces the security deposit to 500.00 euros (This option includes 24/7 Roadside assistance, Windscreen Insurance, Tier Insurance and multi driver Insurance.)

The insurance excess charge is applicable in the event of any damage, regardless of who is at fault. All costs incurred by the Company up to the insurance excess will be deducted directly from the Hirer’s security deposit and will only be refunded if the Company is able to recoup recovery and repair costs from any third party involved.

Please note: If damage to the Vehicle is caused by a collision with a third party, a full report and clear identification of that vehicle must be submitted, along with photographic evidence.

An accident report form, signed by all parties involved, MUST be submitted to the Company.

In addition to the insurance excess, the Hirer may be required by the Company to pay an accident administration fee of up to €100 (plus TVA) per incident.

The insurance excess applies to each individual claim or incident, rather than one charge being applied by the Company for the full hire period.

The following losses will not insured. Therefore, the Hirer will be liable for the full cost of replacement or repair for:

  • Damage to the Vehicle’s interior.
  • Damage to the Vehicle’s undercarriage.
  • Damage caused by neglect, misuse or unauthorised use of the Vehicle.
  • Damage caused by adverse weather conditions, for example if the water system freezes and causes pipes to burst.
  • Keys to the Vehicle being lost or locked inside the Vehicle. This will include the cost of replacement locks if needed.
  • Damage to wheels, tyres, mirrors and any other Vehicle accessories.
  • The use of incorrect fuel (all of our Vehicles use diesel ‘Gazoil’).
  • Any damage to or the cost of recovery of the Vehicle if it is found to have been driven on an unsealed surface.
  • Lost or damaged Vehicle equipment, including any additional items hired that have been specified in the Hire Contract.

Our comprehensive insurance does not cover damage to or loss of personal belongings, so the Hirer is responsible for replacing any lost, damaged or stolen personal items.

Accident, Damage and Loss

  • ANY accident, breakdown or loss must be reported to the Company immediately.
  • The Hirer may be asked to fill in an incident report form or to complete a written statement when the Vehicle is returned or if it cannot be driven due to damage or loss.
  • Any incident involving damage to other people’s property or another vehicle, or any injuries to a third party or theft of the Vehicle must be reported to the police immediately. In these situations, the Hirer must fill in a mandatory accident report form.
  • The Hirer must submit a copy of the full and signed police report to the Company.
  • If the Vehicle has been stolen, the Hirer must immediately return the keys to the Company.

Theft of the Vehicle

  • The Vehicle is covered by our comprehensive insurance in the event of theft.
  • The insurance policy will be invalidated if the Vehicle is stolen while the keys are inside it, or if the Hirer cannot produce the keys following the theft. Should this be the case, the Hirer is liable for the full replacement cost of the Vehicle.

Termination of the Hire Contract

The Company reserves the right to terminate the Hire Contract and repossess the Vehicle at any time, without prior notification, and the Hirer must pay the full cost of repossessing the Vehicle, including towing charges, if:

  • The Hirer is found to be in breach of any of the Hire Contract terms.
  • The Hirer has obtained the Vehicle fraudulently.
  • The Vehicle appears to have been abandoned.
  • The Vehicle is not returned on the agreed return date, or the Company has reason to believe that it will not be returned on the specified return date.
  • The Company believes there is a genuine threat to the safety of the passengers or the Vehicle. Any damage to the Vehicle that prevents its continued use will result in an immediate termination of the contract.
  • If any damage occurs, the Company may request that the Hirer delivers the Vehicle to a location of the Company’s choice for an assessment of the damage.
  • Only the Company and its official representatives are permitted to make an assessment of any damage to the Vehicle and to decide upon its continued use.
  • In the event that the Hirer is unable to use the Vehicle any further due to the damage, no refund will be given for unused hire days.

Breakdown and Malfunction of Equipment

  • Roadside assistance is in place for the Vehicle should a major breakdown occur.
  • Roadside assistance covers only the recovery of the Vehicle and delivery to the closest repairs garage.
  • The Hirer must contact the Company immediately should any incident, accident or breakdown occur.
  • If a broken-down Vehicle cannot be repaired right away, the Company will endeavour to provide a replacement, subject to availability.
  • The roadside assistance policy will not cover minor faults or vehicle failures.
  • Should a minor fault or system failure occur, the Company will endeavour to find a local garage to repair the problem and may need the Hirer to take the Vehicle to a location of the Company’s choice.
  • The Company will not offer the Hirer any refunds or compensation for delays or inconvenience caused in the event of a Vehicle repair, fault or breakdown.

Security Deposit

  • The Hirer is obliged to pay a security deposit 3 days prior to the booking and subject to the arrangement and this is determined by the Insurance package the Hirer chooses at the time of booking.
  • If the security deposit is to be paid by bank transfer, cheque or cash. Funds will be deducted if any costs are deemed to be owed to the Company due to damage or loss to the vehicle.
  • The deposit will be refunded in full to the Hirer on the date that the Vehicle is returned to the hire location, providing that the Vehicle is returned at the scheduled date and time, undamaged, with a full fuel tank, in a clean condition, and with a full and undamaged inventory, as signed for by the Hirer in the Hire Contract.
  • The Hirer’s liability may exceed the sum being held by the Company as a security deposit. If there is any damage to or loss of the Vehicle, the Hirer will be informed of his or her liability within 14 days of the scheduled return date, or within 28 days if the Company needs to refer to an external repairs or supply company.
  • The Hirer has agreed to pay the Company for all costs, damages, expenses, claims and losses incurred by the Company as a result of any act or omission on the Hirer’s part that results in the Company being unable to receive full payment for these costs under its comprehensive insurance policy.


  • To confirm the booking, a non-refundable deposit of 40% will be taken. The outstanding balance for the Vehicle hire is to be paid 56 days prior to collection.
  • In the event that the booking is placed less than 56 days prior to departure, the hire price must be paid in full.
  • Failure to pay the full balance 56 days prior to departure will result in cancellation of the booking and loss of any money paid.

Cancellation of Booking

  • Up to 30 days before the start of the rental: 30% of the Rental Fee. Between 29 and 15 days before the start of the rental: 50% of the Rental Fee. Less than 15 days before the start of the rental: 90% of the Rental Fee. On the day of the start of the rental or if the vehicle is not collected: 100% of the Rental Fee.
  • Cancellations will only be accepted in writing. If the Hirer chooses to collect or return the Vehicle at a time other than the booked hire period, no refund will be given for days that are considered lost.
  • The Company recommends that customers take out holiday cancellation insurance to cover any losses incurred in relation to their booking.

Contract Changes

Each time a date or name change is requested, the Hirer will incur an administration charge of €35.

Payment Schedule

  • A 40% deposit payment must be paid within 48 hours of booking to secure the reservation (payment options will be detailed on the interim invoice). The Company is unable to guarantee your chosen dates if the deposit is not paid within 48 hours.
  • The final payment must be made by the date stated on your interim invoice (payment options will be detailed on the interim invoice). The Company may implement a surcharge of 10% for late payment and reserves the right to cancel the reservation if the final payment is not made within 7 days of the stated date.
  • If the Hirer fails to comply with the payment schedule, the Hire Contract and the Terms and Conditions will be contravened. If payments are not made by the stated dates, the contract will be cancelled with immediate effect in all instances, and no refund will be given.

Departure of Vehicle

  • When collecting the Vehicle, the Hirer will be asked by the Company to sign an acceptance that he or she has examined the Vehicle, and that it is undamaged and in a good state of repair.
  • Any exceptions will be recorded by the Company at the time of departure.
  • The Vehicle may be collected between 1600 and 1900 on the starting date of the Hire Period.
  • On arrival, the Hirer will be asked to complete the Hire Contract; to leave a security deposit; to show a valid driver’s licence, all passenger passports, and a current utility bill; and to inspect the vehicle before departure.
  • The Hirer should allow approximately one hour for departure protocol and vehicle familiarisation to be carried out.

Return of Vehicle

  • The Vehicle must be returned no later than 11:00 on the agreed return date.
  • The Hirer is required to return the Vehicle in a clean and tidy state.
  • The Company will check the Vehicle and its inventory over for damage, breakages and missing items.
  • The Hirer will be deemed to have returned the Vehicle to the Company only when the keys have been returned and the Vehicle check-in form has been completed.

The Company’s definition of a clean condition is:

  • All rubbish has been disposed of, and rubbish bins and cupboards have been emptied.
  • The fridge has been emptied.
  • The kitchen (including the hob and fridge) is spotless.
  • The upholstery and interior trim are free from dirty marks.
  • The floors have been swept carefully and wiped clean.
  • All cutlery, crockery, glassware and utensils are left clean and ready to use.
  • The bed linen has been stripped.
  • The outdoor chairs and table are clean and tidy.

The Hirer may incur a charge of €150 (plus TVA) for cleaning purposes if the Vehicle is not returned in a sufficiently clean and tidy condition.

Fuel Tank

    The fuel tank should be full on return to the hire location. If it is not, fuel will be charged at €3 (plus TVA) per litre, in addition to a €25 (plus TVA) refuelling charge.

Late Return

  • If the Hirer is likely to be late returning the Vehicle for any reason, the Company must be advised immediately.
  • Returning the Vehicle after the agreed return time without prior agreement with the Company will result in a charge of €250 per day (or part day).

Vehicle tracking

We reserve the right to track our vehicles during the rental period.

Vehicle Availability

  • If the Vehicle reserved by the Hirer is not available due to unforeseen circumstances on the Company’s part, the Company reserves the right to substitute a comparable vehicle at no additional cost to the Hirer.
  • If an adequate substitute is not available, the Company is obliged to return the deposit in full, but no further compensation will be given.

Violation of Road Regulations

  • The Company is not responsible for any speeding tickets, parking fines or other infractions incurred by the Hirer during the Hire Period.
  • The Company will pass on the Hirer’s details to any authority requesting relevant information and will provide the Hirer with a copy of any contravention notices received. A €45 administration charge will be charged for each incident.

A Final Word from Bonfire Vans

The Company asks that the Hirer takes care of the Vehicle and all equipment hired. Vehicle information will be provided and an explanation of how the Vehicle works will be given by the Company’s staff on collection. The Company is happy to answer any questions the Hirer might have on 0033603052217 (available 24/7).

Bonfire Vans cannot be held responsible for the Hirer’s negligence if our instructions are not followed.

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