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Questions and Answers

Booking, Renting and Insurance

What requirements are there to rent a van?

To rent one of our vans you need to be 23 or over. You are required to have a valid drivers license and credit card. You will be asked to prove your address with a bank statement of electric bill for example

What payment methods are accepted?

We accept all major credit cards. VISA, MasterCard and AMEX. You will need to add your credit card details to our system for us to secure your deposit. This is done using a secure payment link at the tile of booking.

What is the deductible amount I am liable for if I cause damage?

When you rent one of our vans you get a free insurance called our fully comprehensive “Included” Insurance. With this you are liable for up to 2500 euros.

If you wish to reduce this you can choose from one of our Insurance packages. For example, choose our Chancer pack and reduce your liability down to 750 euros for 14 euros per day.

All these options are available at the time of booking.

How do I pay the security deposit?

When you book with Bonfire Vans we send you a payment link, you then have the option to add the credit card you wish to have the security deposit held on. Our system will then hold the amount for the duration of your stay. If there is no damage the amount will be released within 7 days.

How many KM do I get per day?

You get 200 KM per days which is normally plenty! If you want unlimited KM you can choose from one of our Insurance packs (link)

Are pets allowed in our vehicles?

No, we do not allow pets in our vehicles, sorry.

What’s included in my campervan rental?

If you rent one of our vans you are covered by our “Included” Insurance package. This comes with 200KM per day, 24/7 roadside assistance, 1 driver cover. The security deposit and liability is 2500 euros. You can upgrade all these options by choosing one of our 3 alternative insurance packages starting from 14 euros per day.

All our campervans come with at least:

  • Fold out bed(s)
  • Fridge powered by leisure battery
  • Cooking facilities (built in or portable)
  • Cooking gas starter pack
  • Kitchen kit (all cooking utensils, pots and pans, plate, cups)
  • Throw tent (the garage)
  • conditioning (when engine on)
  • Cleaning kit

Pick Up and Drop Off

Where can I rent my van?

We are very flexible when it comes to this. We are based close to Bourg St Maurice in the French alps but Annecy is our prime rental location. You can fly in from Geneva and hop on a train and be there within the hour. Please get in touch if you are in this area and want to rent a van, we will do our best to help.

How do pick-ups work?

Our standard check in times are from 16:00pm to 19:00pm. This can be adjusted if possible to suit your needs but can incur a small out of hours fee.

We will arrange to meet you at either one of our agency locations or one of our designated meeting points. Normally an airport or train station.

It is important you listen to your Bonfire representative when picking up the van. Understanding how the van and its facilities work is important for the enjoyment of your trip and to ensure nothing gets broken.

How do drop offs work?

Our standard check in tiles are 08:00am to 11:00am. This can be adjusted if possible to suit your needs but can incur a small out of hours fee. We will arrange to meet you at either one of our agency location or our designated meeting points. Normally airport or train station.

How clean does the van have to be when I hand it back?

Before you drop the van back to us please ensure you have cleaned all rubbish and dirt from inside the vehicle. Waste water must be empty. The van should be swept and seats clean. We expect the vehicle to be as near as possible to how you received it. Failure to do so will result in us keeping back 150 euros of your security deposit.

If you have rented a portable toilet ensure this is empty and clean. Failure to do so will result in us keeping back an additional 200 euros of your despot. (completely unacceptable)

Book an end of stay keep?

If you are worried about your van not being 100% clean when you hand it back you can book an end of stay clean. Pay in advance for our end of rental clean for 75.00 euros. Please note rubbish is still expected to be removed from the vehicle and if rented portable toilet clean and empty.

Campervan and Equipment

Do you rent bike racks?

Yes, we do, you can rent a bike rack for 5 euros per day. Please be aware this adds a little length to your campervan.

We have bike racks that hold 2 and 4 bikes, so the number of bikes you are going to use needs to be specified at the time of booking.

Do you rent child seats?

Yes, we offer child seats as an add on when booking. Let us know and we will make sure it’s in the van when you pick it up.

Does bedding come with the campervan?

As standard, we rent our vans with just a bottom sheet on the beds, this is because some people like to bring their own bedding. You can rent bedding from us as an add on in the booking process. A bedding set is 25 euros for a double duvet and two pillows and covers.

On The Road

What do I do if there is an accident or breakdown?

If you have an accident it is important to photograph the damage to your van and if there is another vehicle involved the damage to this vehicle as well.

You need to take the other drivers information and complete the European accident form together. Complete in full but do not sign the form if you are responsible. This can be decided at a later date.

If you have an issue with the vehicle or warning lights on the dashboard it is important to stop driving immediately and call our office. We can then help make arrangements.