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Let's go get lost!

Let's go get lost!

Adventure awaits.

Minibus and Campervan Rental in Europe

Bonfire Vans provide minibus and campervan rental in Europe. The collection points are at key locations across the south of France, making the rest of mainland Europe very easy to explore.

We have two types of campervan that you can choose from.

Our standard VW campervan can sleep two adults or our VW campervan with roof tent that can sleep four adults.

Each campervan has a rear kitchen pod including sink with running water and a double hob.

The minibuses are 9 seater, long wheelbase VW Caravelles for long haul driving or nipping to the beach.

Bike racks, roof boxes and roof bars are also available so you can also fit all your gear during your campervan rental in Europe.

Start your European road trip with Bonfire Vans. Rent quality campervans from one of our 5 locations in France - Avignon, Biarritz, Bordeaux, Annecy or Marseille. Or a minibus from Biarritz or Bordeaux.

How We Roll ...

VW Campervan

VW Campervan Hire Europe

Sleeps two on a fold out bed. Comes with rear cooking pod including sink, double burner, cooking utensils, refrigerator plus camping chairs and table.

VW Campervans

Campervan with Tent

VW Campervan Hire Europe

Same spec as our VW campervan, but this sleeps up to four. Two inside and two in a roof tent. Can be rented by just two people sleeping up top, keeping space inside.

With Roof Tent

VW Minibus

VW Campervan Hire Europe

Seating up to 9 our long wheelbase minibuses are ideal for groups that need comfort and space. Features include, privacy glass, cruise control and bluetooth.

VW Minibuses

An Explorative Holiday in Europe

Europe is steeped in history and culture with beautiful chateaux, medieval towns and villages, Roman influence, rich farmlands and delicious regional foods and wines.

It is also the most fantastic continent for sports and adventure - mountains, forests, rolling hills, national parks, kilometres of beautiful coastline, flora and fauna.

What better way to see all of that, than by minibus or campervan rental in Europe?

Choose your own path, go your own way and find your own adventure.

We love having the freedom to explore, we know you do too.

Where Do You Want To Go?

Start your road trip from one of our locations in southern France and explore Europe.

Set Up Camp!

Southwest France

Bonfire Vans offers campervan hire in the Southwest of France, well equipped for you to take the European holiday of a lifetime.

We have campervans available to hire from Biarritz, on the Atlantic coast near Spain, or from Bordeaux further north, which is in a popular wine region.

Visit The Southwest

South of France

Bonfire Vans has campervans for hire in the South of France, for you to take the European holiday of a lifetime.

We hire campervans from the town of Avignon, a city in southeastern France’s Provence region, or from Marseille, a port city on The French Riviera (or Côte d'Azur).

Visit South Of France

The French Alps

Bonfire Vans have VW campervans to hire in the French Alps - our standard style campervan sleeps 2 with a large fold out double bed. Great for couples or friends keen to travel together.

Annecy, our campervan pick up point, is a wonderful place to start your camping trip.

Visit The Alps

About Bonfire Vans

We are a family business based in the French Alps in the winter, and southwest France in the summer.

A British Dad (Simon), Dutch mother (Simone) and 3 children that were born and are raised in France.

In May every year we open Bonfire Vans - 4 campervan rental agencies in Europe, run by like minded friends. Each collection point is situated in a fantastic location in continental Europe - places that are perfect for you to begin your van adventures.

The Bonfire Van campervan style is our very own creation, which stems from the many camping trips Simone and I have made together over the years.

We turned our original minibus into the perfect campervan for our surf trips and travelled all over the west coast of Europe.

The VW campervan is the best all round vehicle for campervan rental in Europe. We know, we’ve lived it.